Final Conference: REE environmental transfers from rock to humans: bridging the domains of geochemistry, physics and ecotoxicology

Opportunity for the ESRs to present and discuss in an international multidisciplinary audience their scientific breakthroughs gained within the frame of PANORAMA.

Gather the whole network together with academic and private company experts for fruitful exchanges on an integrated modelling and forecasting of REE dissemination in environment and associated effects.


Day 1:
--> Opening Ceremony;
--> Plenary lecture of Prof. K. Johannesson from University of Massachusetts Boston (USA);
--> 7 ESR oral presentation.

Day 2:
--> Plenary lecture of Prof. I. Paspaliaris from the National Technical University of Athens (Greece);
--> 8 ESR oral presentations.
* this is a preliminary schedule, changes might occur.