Summer School n°2: (Eco)toxicology of REE

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(Eco)toxicological concepts and approaches.

Physico-chemical properties of REE for bioavailability, ecotoxicity and environmental risk.


Livestream schedule:
Date Time Speaker Title Link
Nov 1st 9.45-10.30am Hurthouse  Andrew Resource Exploitation and Environmental Impact: challenges from China’s rapid industrial expansion
11.00-11.45am Pagano Giovanni Overview of the adverse effects of REEs in industrial medicine and of REE-associated hormetic effects in environmental health
11.45-12.30pm Brouziotis Antonios Apostolis ESR13 - Research's results presentation
2.00-2.45pm Heise Susanne The challenge of measuring the toxicity of REE in environmental (aquatic) samples
2.45-3.30pm Revel Marion  ESR8 - Research's results presentation
4.00-4.45pm Padilla Suarez Edith ESR12 - Research's results presentation
4.45-5.30pm Van Drimmelen Chantal ESR9 - Research's results presentation
Nov 3rd 9.45-10.30am Libralato Giovanni Rare earth elements: a new risk for the marine environment?
11.00-11.45am Tommasi Franca Rare Earth  Elements from the past to the future: a benefit for the environment or a potential risk?
11.45-12.30pm Gjata Isidora ESR14 - Research's results presentation
4.00-4.45pm Giamberini Laure Lanthanide distribution across environmental compartments in a LREE enriched geological area in Quebec (Canada) and their ecotoxicology
4.45-5.30pm Thomas Philippe Rare Earth Element Mining in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities in the North
Nov 4th 9.30-10.15am Lachaux Nicolas Aquatic ecotoxicology of Nd, Gd and Yb
10.45-11.30am Kahru Anne  Ecotoxicological effects of REE on aquatic species
11.30-12.15am Zhang Keran ESR4 - Research's results presentation
Summer School scheduleSummer School schedule