First secondment for the PANORAMA project!

Although it's been set with a lot of last minute fix up, Kaisa, Cynthia and Andrés started their first secondment in Portugal!
Secondment 1

Another milestone in the project was reached: the beginning of the first secondment of the project! 

We are glad to have been able to send Kaisa in Portugal, to meet with Andrés, Cynthia and the IST and EDM team to start their secondment!

During their secondment, they'll be hosted by IST and will have access to mining sites (thanks to EDM), in order to examine various samples (soil, sediments, plants and water). This is the perfect way to kickstart their thesis research!

Thank you to Isabel Prûdencio, Rosa Marques and Catarina Diamantino for supervising this secondment!

We wish them all the best.