The PANORAMA project off to a good start!

The First PANORAMA Early Stage Researchers have joined us this 1rst of October !
Picture of all ESR Students

After so much time of preparation, and some cold sweat (thank you COVID-19) we are so glad to see the project’s taking a good start ! 

This week we welcome Kaisa, in Université Rennes1 , Anne, in Synchrotron SOLEIL/Université Paris Saclay, Cynthia and Andrés in Instituto Superior Técnico and Marcin in Amphos21/ Universidad de Huelva.

Later this month we’ll welcome Isidora (Universita de Bari Aldo Moro), Muqeet (Université Rennes 1) and eventually Yasaman (Université Rennes1), Chantal and Marion (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences), Edith and Antonis (Universita de Napoli Federico II), Chen and Keran (Jacob University of Bremen) in November. Eventually, the candidate for Sck-CEN should be joining us in December !

Don’t hesitate to click on their name to get to know them better !