PANORAMA Workshop 1: Jacob University Bremen

With some delay and an online adaptation, the 1rst Workshop of the Panorama Project could eventually occur!
Workshop 1 participants

We longed for it, and it eventually occured! The First Workshop (and event) of the PANORAMA project occured on the 21rst, 22nd and 23rd of April!

Although it was held at distance due to the current situation, it was still a very intense couple of days! Filled with talks on Rare Earth Elements and transversal topics (such as project management, good practices in research and more), it was finally the occasion for all of the ESR and project members to gather all and exchange!

We were also quite lucky to count on the participation of various speakers who enriched not only our knowledge on REE but also on Research and project management!  We have to thank Michael Bau for organising as well as Dennis Krämer, David Ernst, Aline Dia, Anna-Lena Zocher and Franziska Klimpel for co-chairing this event! 

Special thanks to Sebastian Viehman, Michael Bau, Dennis Krämer, Susanne Heise, Mélanie Davranche, Dieter Garbe-Schoenberg, Kamelia Samet, Natalie Tepe, Monica Luizio and Kiril Mugerman for their participation as speaker and the creation of such interesting content for those three days.

Although our musical knowledge didn't quite live up to the Rare Earth Elements themed blindtest, I think we all really enjoyed this first PANORAMA event. Looking forward to the others!