PANORAMA Workshop 2: Synchrotron SOLEIL

Eventually, project members had the opportunity to finally meet in person during this second event of the PANORAMA project.
Group picture of Workshop participants in front of the Synchrotron SOLEIL building

Mid-December, Synchrotron SOLEIL hosted a little more than 30 project members to participate to the 1st in presence PANORAMA project event. Although due to the uncertain circumpstances, it was a Hybrid event (in presence and lectures were livestreamed), we definitely enjoyed these three days of science, discussions and visits in the Synchrotron SOLEIL.

Visit of the Synchrotron SOLEIL

The event occured over the course of three days, with lectures, hands on experiments and visits of the Synchrotron, all organised by the team of SOLEIL.

This was only possible thanks to the SOLEIL team and Delphine Vantelon for the overall organisation of the event; as well as lecturers from Beneficiary institutions (Mathieu Pedrot from Université Rennes 1, Valérie Briois, Pierre Lagarde & Thomas Bizien from Synchrotron SOLEIL and Camille Rivard & Nicolas Trcera from Synchrotron SOLEIL for hands on training) as well as Partners organisations (Sylvain Boj from Cordouan Technologies) and Industrial participants from outside the project (Ekaterina Shilova from AJELIS) who granted participants with new knowledge and perspective to continue their research.

Lecture view from the Workshop

Most lecture are available in Replay on our YouTube Channel!