Management structure

Management structure

The Project Officer (PO) is the focus point of the Project Management Team (especially the Project Manager) for all matters regarding the regulatory scope of the project.

The Supervisory Board (SB) is the ultimate decision-making body. It deals with all strategic, scientific and training aspects related to PANORAMA. It meets every 9 months and its role extend from monitoring the recruitment process to approving the detailed training programs but also risk management and communication strategy.

The Advisory Board (AB) regularly advises the Supervisory Board on strategic issues concerning training, research, and international collaborations. It guarantees the adequate scientific and training orientation, and the constant improvement process of the PANORAMA project. This enables the consortium to gather external knowledge and to test the relevance of the results obtained in the project.

The Steering Committee (SC) is the decision-making body for all the management related issues including financial management strategy. The SC meets every 9 months in accordance with the Supervisory Board. It ensures grant distributions, monitors actual expenditures and compares them to the forecasted ones.

The Recruitment Committee (RC) is a sub-group of the Supervisory Board and is in charge of setting up the recruiting procedure, check the advertising of vacancies in following the fair recruiting policy notably, regards to gender respect issues and the adequacy in between the preselected candidates and the job offer.

The Ombudsperson serves the network for confidential matters dealing with the ESR and their respective supervisors, helping to settle-up gender issues, or dealing with conflicts, private difficulties, etc. The Ombudsperson will warrant that no discrimination of whatever kind could occur.

The Project Management Team (PMT) consists of the project coordinator and the Deputy Leader, assisted by a Project manager. The PMT will ensure the reporting, financial, administrative, technical/scientific, and organisational coordination and implementation of management decisions of the network. It monitors the compliance of beneficiaries with their obligations under the Grant Agreement. The PMT also ensures the information and knowledge sharing within the network.

The Project Management Team is constituted of Prof Melanie Davranche, Dr Aline Dia and Ms Delphine Talmon-Laroderie.

Left to Right: Delphine Talmon-Laroderie, Melanie Davranche, Aline DiaLeft to Right: Delphine Talmon-Laroderie, Melanie Davranche, Aline Dia